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Where to Buy Challenge Coins

You may have had of challenge coins being referred to as commander coins or unit coins. People attached different meanings to these coins. They are generally for showing hard work, friendship and to hold memories. Different law enforcement units have their unique challenge coins. This practice of having challenge coins began with the United States Air Force personnel. There were there to show them just how much they valued their input in the world wars. They would hold on to them as a reminder of what they had to do to keep the fight going.

You will notice most of the challenge coins in bronze plating. Some can have silver and gold plating as well. On the unit, it shall be printed the insignia and motto of the unit. These coins hold a special part in the hearts of all team members, and continue to be revered to this day. New members are usually given one of them, to show their acceptance into the team. They can also be issued as a way of lifting the team spirits. These are all reason why an officer finds so much pride in their coin.

There are more people who now see the value of these coins, not just law enforcement of the military. You will see them being traded at auction houses, online website, and through private individuals. They are all hunting for the rarest, most valuable and unique ones. When you wish to get your hands on one; you need to confirm whether it is genuine, as there are many fake ones in the market. The logical thing to do before paying for any is to find evidence of what was printed on it, and when it was issued. Generally, the older coins going back to the world wars are more valuable. New ones are not so expensive. You will also score great value when you get those issued for acts of courage beyond duty by law enforcement officers. Since they are not many, they shall be more valuable.

While you are making your purchases, you need to watch out for any signs of damage. Whenever you acquire a coin, you need to know of some requirements. You need to see to it that the coin does not get spoilt or defaced. If this happens, the coin shall no longer be recognized as a collector’s item. There have been many coins disqualified due to the holes their previous owners drilled on them so that they could wear them. They are now rendered valueless due to such an act. This calls for care in how you inspect such coins. Note all the damages you see.

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